Messy, Wonderful Us by ISAAC, CATHERINE

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THE FEEL-GOOD, UPLIFTING NOVEL EVERYONE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT IN 2019n You never know what life will throw at you. n You just need to know who to turn to for help.n n One morning in early summer, a man and woman wait to board a flight to Italy. n n Allie has lived a careful, focused existence. But now she has unexpectedly taken leave from her job as an academic research scientist to fly to a place she only recently heard about in a letter. Her father, Joe, doesn’t know the reason for her trip, and Allie can’t bring herself to tell him that she’s flying to Italy to unpick the truth about what her mother did all those years ago.n n Beside her is her best friend since schooldays, Ed. He has just shocked everyone with a sudden separation from his wife, Julia. Allie hopes that a break will help him open up.n n But the secrets that emerge as the sun beats down on Lake Garda and Liguria don’t merely concern her family’s tangled past. And the two friends are forced to confront questions about their own life-long relationship that are impossible to resolve.n n The dazzling new novel from Richard & Judy book club author Catherine Isaac, Messy, Wonderful Us is a story about the transforming power of love, as one woman journeys to uncover the past and reshape her future.n n Praise for You Me Everythingn n ‘You broke my heart AND made it soar! Isabelle Broomn ‘Packed with twists and surprises’ Good Housekeepingn ‘A heart-wrenching story which explores the lengths we’re willing to go to for those we love’ Cosmopolitann ‘Beautiful’ Closern ‘Will stay with you’ Marie Claire USn ‘A heart-breakingly real story and poignant story of love, regret and second chances. This is one of the books that everyone will be talking about’ Heatn ‘Destined for big things’ Redn ‘An ideal holiday read’ Sunday Mirrorn ‘One of the summer’s big hitters’ Fabulousn ‘Must read’ New York Postn ‘What a gorgeous book. A sensitive subject, beautifully handled. Loved it’ Jill Manselln ‘Heartwarming, thoughtful and very special’ Jenny Colgann ‘Reminiscent of One Day’ Sarah Vaughan

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Isaac, Catherine