‘Lola’s Secret’ by Monica McInerney


This feel good story is the latest from Irish author, Monica McInerney.

She takes us straight into ordinary family life, for better or worse.

Lola is a most engaging and lovable main character – an Irish lady in her 80s who has a taste for outrageous clothes and accessories, gin and tonic and a new found love of the internet.

It is set at Christmas time in Clare, South Australia, and it’s HOT. Everyone has new plans for Christmas Day. Lola’s looking to create some mischief too.

Throughout the book, Lola is moving towards a new phase in her life. She finds her way by reminiscing about her past and thinking forward to create a future that keeps her in the thick of it, without being in the way. She even finds room for some romance with an old flame…

Monica McInerney has an excellent record for illustrating the love and tensions in family life, with gems like ‘Those Faraday Girls’ and ‘The Alphabet Sisters’. (Lola’s Secret is actually a follow up to ‘The Alphabet Sisters’.)

In Lola’s Secret, Monica reminds us we all need some privacy and control in our lives. It covers a range of emotions from the pressures of looking after a young family to serious depression. It shows how, with some effort, families can come back to each another and enjoy their time together.

Lola is not perfect, but she helps her family and friends by listening, caring and occasionally showing them how much they need each other. I think we would all benefit from having a ‘Lola’ in our lives.

Lola’s Secret is easy to read and won’t break your heart.

Buy one for your sister, your mum and your grandma.

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